Hi, I’m Heather Millar, owner of Life Stories Ink. I’m a biographer, ghostwriter, journalist and accredited editor.

Everybody has a story, but not many of us get around to telling it … I was fortunate enough to record my father’s memoirs before he died and write them down for posterity.

Just prior to that, a distant cousin had gotten in touch. She had researched and written my great-great grandparents’ story, and I discovered that I come from a long line of writers and journalists. No-one had ever told me! Knowing this has helped me make so much sense of my life, my talents, my gifts.

Now I help other people tell their stories.

I have been gathering stories all my life in one form or another. Making books was a favourite game as a child. It’s no surprise I went on to become managing editor at publishing companies in London and Melbourne.

Interviewing people for feature magazine articles was one way I started recording and writing people’s stories. I later went on to ghostwrite an award-winning book for a leading publisher.

Not only do I help people write and self-publish their books for a living, but I have also volunteered at the Mary Potter Hospice helping people who are in palliative care to tell their stories; and I have been on the board of Australians Against Racism, for which I co-edited the books Dark Dreams and No Place Like Home - anthologies of stories by refugees.

I am an accredited editor with the Institute of Professional Editors, and I am on the board of Life Stories Australia and Editors SA.