‘Let me write your words in your voice for you’

As your ghostwriter, I will work behind the scenes to tell your story in your voice for you. The author credit for your book or piece of writing is given to you.

I can act as your ghostwriter for a life story or memoir, your self-help book or your book of business advice. I can also write your blog posts for you.


The process of ghostwriting involves a deep connection between the ghostwriter and the ‘named author’. I will spend hours talking to you, interviewing you, and researching (if that is required).

I will then spend time with the interview transcripts, finding that unique thread that expresses your voice as the author, and follow that thread as I write your manuscript.


Firstly, we will meet to work out a plan of action for your book or story, by creating a structure and timeline for the process. We can work together face-to-face, via Skype or phone – or a combination of these things.

It is up to you if you want the interviewing and recording process to take place all at once, over several days, or spread out over several weeks/months. Business people often want their story out quickly, whereas ghostwriting a memoir can be more emotionally challenging, and is better done over a longer period of time to allow time for internal processing to take place.

I will listen, ask questions and record what it is you want to say. I will then transcribe the recordings and begin writing.

Once the manuscript or story is complete, I will submit the draft to you, and you will have the chance to make revisions.

Once that is done, it’s time for editing, proofreading and publishing - all of which I can advise you on! You can read more about the editing process here.

Please get in touch to discuss your ghostwriting needs.